World of Tanks EU Version 9.8

A mutli-player war game that pits battle tanks against each other in a European setting

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    Role Playing

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    EU Version 9.8

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    Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows Vista / Windows XP

  • Program available in:In English
  • Program license:Free
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    7.8 (385)

World of Tanks is a very popular, massively multi-player online game that focuses on intense player versus player matches between realistic tanks. The game follows the free-to-play with micro-transactions model. This means anyone can play for free, although anyone who wants to pay a little can gain access to more powerful items. World of Tanks is not a small download. It also has above average system requirements. Anyone playing on an older system, a laptop, or a computer with an outdated graphics card might experience a few graphical problems. Additionally, the game is based on player reaction times. Players with high latency or slow internet connections could become frustrated during a match.

The concept of World of Tanks is fairly unique. It involves realistic tanks from the World War II era, although some liberties have been taken. The graphics are excellent. The tanks look detailed and solid. The scenery is sufficiently complex and realistic, so you can actually hide tanks and make camouflage effective while playing. The special effects for firing shots and hitting an enemy are good as well. The audio is decent, although there are many ambient noises that can become distracting.

Game play is just as unique as many other aspects of World of Tanks. One of the first things players learn is that controlling a tank is not simple or easy. The controls require two hands at all times. Some players even use gaming console controllers to make things easier. One of the most difficult things to master in World of Tanks is driving in one direction and turning the turret and firing in another direction, all while trying to navigate the terrain. The hot keys are not always intuitive or easy to reach while struggling with the primary tank controls.

There is no single player mode in World of Tanks, with the exception of the initial tutorials. The game is purely a player versus player experience. Individual matches make up the bulk of the game. Players are matched based on experience and skill, as determined by the server. Matches are relatively short, and players tend to start close to the enemy. The longest matches can last up to 15 minutes. The objective is usually something similar to capture the flag, although there are also death match and team death match play modes. Winning a match provides experience and money that can be used for upgrades.

World of Tanks does not have a re-spawn system. Players who are killed are removed from a match until the end. This can be frustrating when first learning. The player matching system is also flawed. It often pairs new players with experienced players who dominate the match quickly. The ability to use real world money to purchase new tanks and upgrades can be frustrating as well, since it gives certain players a significant advantage. World of Tanks is really for advanced gamers who want something new, different, and challenging. It might be off-putting for inexperienced gamers.


  • Good graphics
  • Original game play
  • Active servers and community


  • Controls are very hard to master
  • Matches are not always fair to new players
  • No re-spawning during matches

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